Welfare system

Ezconn's welfare measures are divided into company welfare measures and welfare committee welfare measures. Various benefits will be explained to employees through announcements, company websites, or emails, so that employees can know and apply.

  1. Welfare measures provided by the company: regular health check-ups, group insurance, travel insurance, food subsidies, year-end bonuses, performance bonuses, etc.
  2. The welfare measures provided by the Welfare Committee include: clubs and family days, employee travel, birthday gifts, various subsidies (wedding and funeral celebrations, children's scholarships, etc.).
  3. The company provides diversified training courses and on-the-job education to train employees.

Retirement system

Ezconn’s retirement system and implementation conditions are in accordance with labor-related laws and regulations. Retirement management measures are formulated. According to the "Labor Pension Regulations (New Labor Retirement System)", monthly pensions are paid at 6% of employees’ wages and stored in labor pensions established by the Labor Insurance Bureau In the personal account, another employee can voluntarily withdraw a pension within 6% of his monthly salary.

According to the law, it shall be fully deducted from the total personal comprehensive income of the current year. For employees who apply to the old system, according to the "Labor Standards Law (Labor Retirement System)", a monthly labor retirement reserve of 2% of the employee's taxable salary is allocated to the old retirement reserve special account of the Bank of Taiwan Trust Department to meet the current retirement needs of relevant employees.